Form of Application for supply of Electricity at Low/High Tension
       Application cum Agreement for supply of Electricity
       Form of HIGH Tension Agreement
       Form of LOW Tension Agreement
       Provisional Assessment Notice

   Requisition form for Reservation / Preponement / Postponement / Cancellation / Return Journey Ticket

       Form for new Telephone connection    (Instruction to fill the form)
       Form of Temporary Connection with Instructions
       Shifting of Telephone connection with instructions (word Document)
       Add-on-Facility (Opening/Closing) (word Document)
       Form No.60 of Income Tax Rules, 1962 (word Document)
       Form No.61 of Income Tax Rules, 1962 (word Document)
   Other Application Forms
       Form for paying Telephone Bills (Electric Clearing Service)
       Internet Connection

   Andhra Pradesh General Sales Tax
CST    Central Sales Tax
A.P.E.T.    Andhra Pradesh Entertainment Tax
PROFESSION TAX    Profession Tax


   Luxury Tax
BETTING TAX    Betting Tax
ENTRY TAX    Entry tax
R.D.C.    Rural Development Cess

 Regional Passport Office
       For Fresh and for After Full Term Expiry of Passports 
       Lost / Damaged 

 Revenue Department 
      Application for Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate
      Application for Issue of Residential Certificate
      Application for Issue of Income Certificate
      Application for Community, Nativity and Date of Birth Certificate relating to SCHEDULED CASTE/BACKWARD CLASS
     Application for Issue of Legal Heirs Certificate/Family Members Certificate
     Application for Scheduled Caste Class/ Scheduled Tribe Class/ Backward Class (Proforma)
     Application for Caste Certificate

 Regional Transport Authority Forms
Form 4  (Sec Rule 14)   Form of Application for Licence to drive a Motor Vehicle
Form 2 (Sec Rule 10)   Form of Application for the Grant or Renewal of Learners Licence
Form 30 (SEE RULE 55(2)(3))   Report of transfer of ownership of a Motor Vehicle (Part1) For the use of Transferee  (Part2)
Form 20 (Sec Rule 47)   Form of Application for  Registration of Motor Vehicle.
Form 35  (Sec Rule 61(1))   Notice of termination of an agreement of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation.
Form 7 (SEE Rule 16(2))    
Form 33 (SEE Rule 59)   ntimation of change of address record in the Certificate of Registration
Form L.L.D.   Intimation of Loss or Destruction of Licence and Application of duplicates

 Stamps and Registration
      Market value Requisition Form
      Input form for Rural Registration
      Input form for Urban Registration
      Application form of Encumbrance Certificate
      Annexure-1A (Enclosure for Registration of Buildings)
      Stamps Indent  form
      Declaration form
      Form-A (Application for Registration of Hindu Marriage.)
      Deed of Sale
      Deed of Settlement
      Deed of Lease
      Deed of Mortgage
      Deed of General Power of Attorney
      Deed of Model Special Power of Attorney
     Checklist for Issuance of No Objection Certificate for High Rise Buildings 
     General Information to be accompanied with the Checklist  
     Covering letter
     Undertaking on Rs 100