(See Rule 16 (2))
       Dividing License No ________________________ Date of issue ________________
       Son/Wife/Daughter of 
       Date of Birth
       Blood Group with RH factor
                    is license to drive through out India the vehicle of the fallowing description
       The license to drive a motor vehicle other than transport vehicle is
       Valid from__________________To_______________________


The license to drive
Transport vehicle is
Valid from_ _ _ _ _ _ _ To _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Specimen Signature/Thumb impression
of the holder or the licence
Signature  of the Licensing Authority.
       Date of issue of driving Licence,
       Class of Vehicle :
       Name and Designation of Authority :
       Who conducted the driving test :
       Dates on which additional Vehicles :
       Were included :
       Class of such Vehicles :
       Name and Designation of the
       Authority Who conducted the
       driving test :
       Badge No. _____________________________________ No & date.
       authorization to drive transport vehicle